Union Membership and Coverage Database from the CPS


The Union Membership and Coverage Database, available at www.unionstats.com, is an Internet data resource providing private and public sector labor union membership, coverage, and density estimates compiled from the monthly household Current Population Survey (CPS) using BLS methods. Economy-wide estimates are provided beginning in 1973; estimates by state, detailed industry, and detailed occupation begin in 1983; and estimates by metropolitan area begin in 1986. The Database, constructed by Barry Hirsch (Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University) and David Macpherson (Department of Economics, Trinity University), was created in 2002 and is updated annually.


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Use of figures from the Database requires citation.

A description of the Database is provided in the paper below, available in pdf.


Barry T. Hirsch and David A. Macpherson, "Union Membership and Coverage Database from the Current Population Survey: Note," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 56, No. 2, January 2003, pp. 349-54 (updated annually at unionstats.com). (pdf)


Union data compilations from the 2017 CPS posted January 21, 2018

Union data compilations from the 2016 CPS posted February 11, 2017

CPS metro table for 2015 covers Aug 2015-July 2016, initially posted 8/26/2016, revision posted 2/11/2017. Click here for info

Union data compilations from the 2015 CPS posted January 31, 2016


Note: CPS sample sizes (denoted by "Obs") are very small for some cells.  Use such union estimates cautiously.


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Equivalence/differences in UnionStats.com and BLS estimates of union membership and density


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CPS State Classifications


CPS Metropolitan Area Classifications (August 2015 to present)  note for 2015

CPS Metropolitan Area Classifications (May 2004 to 2014 note for 2014

CPS Metropolitan Area Classifications (September 1995 to April 2004)

CPS Metropolitan Area Classifications (October 1985 to May 1995)


CPS Industry Classifications (2009 to present) minor changes from 2003-08 codes

CPS Industry Classifications (2003-2008)

CPS Industry Classifications (1992-2002)

CPS Industry Classifications (1983-91)


CPS Occupation Classifications (beginning 2011)

CPS Occupation Classifications (2003-2010)

CPS Occupation Classifications (1992-2002)

CPS Occupation Classifications (1983-91)


Summary of 1980/90 Ind/Occ Changes; Program to Create Time-Consistent Ind/Occ Codes


Pareto Estimates of Mean Earnings Above CPS Weekly Earnings Top-Code Caps


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Graphics from Colin Gordon (University of Iowa) using data from UnionStats:

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Labor Union Data from Bloomberg BNA:

            Union Membership and Earnings Data Book, Annual, from Bloomberg BNA, by Hirsch and Macpherson

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2002, 2018 by Barry T. Hirsch and David A. Macpherson.  Use of data requires citation.