Barry T. Hirsch

Professor of Economics and W.J. Usery Chair of the American Workplace, Emeritus

Department of Economics

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia 30302-3992

voice: 404-413-0880





Labor Economics

Applied Microeconomics


Barry Hirsch is an applied labor economist whose research has focused on wage determination in U.S. labor markets. His work includes the study of union effects on economic performance and wages, survey nonresponse and imputation methods in government surveys, human capital, discrimination, area wage differentials, and specific labor markets (airlines, trucking, U.S. Postal Service, nursing, teachers, veterans). Hirsch is an IZA Research Fellow, a past president of the Southern Economic Association, and is on the editorial boards of Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Industrial Relations, the Journal of Labor Research, and the Southern Economic Journal. Hirsch has authored The Economic Analysis of Unions: New Approaches and Evidence (with J. Addison, 1986), Labor Unions and the Economic Performance of Firms (1991), Union Membership and Earnings Data Book (annual, with D. Macpherson), and is co-editor of Lives of the Laureates (4th ed., 2004, with W. Breit). Articles have appeared in the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economics and Statistics Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Human Resources, ILR Review, Journal of Economic Perspectives, and elsewhere.


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